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This is the part where I give you all the details about how your information is collected and used by me, and

I'm all about openness and transparency.

By using this website, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Please read them carefully before using this website.

When you sign up, book a 1:1 session, or contact me, you leave your email address with me and you are agreeing that you may be contacted by me in the future, regarding anything related to my coaching services or resources. I keep your details safe, so that we can keep in touch via email. My email program will also help me to keep your contact details safe and sound.


You can unsubscribe from my email list at any time.

I will never share your details with a third party - unless I'm concerned about someone's safety (see below). I will never sell your details to a third party or disclose them without your permission.



You might find links on my site to other, external websites. My privacy policy shouldn't be assumed to extend to any sites that I link to - they will have their own privacy policies and you should check any external websites for their specific details.



When you have a Coaching session with me, I will keep the information you share private.


You are free to discuss our sessions with other people that you trust - it's your information.


I do not give permission for any type of recording of my sessions.


Sometimes I have conversations with another practitioner so that I can be the best practitioner ever. I might discuss therapeutic conversations in general but no identifying details are shared.


Sometimes I write about my experiences and learnings as a practitioner - in my blog, for example. I might refer in general to therapeutic conversations, but would never disclose any identifying details.



I take safety seriously. If I'm concerned about someone being harmed - especially children - or someone committing a crime, I might be obliged to tell someone about it. This might include sharing your details, and it may override your right to privacy.



I have a policy of Mutual Respect in my practice - I expect people to speak respectfully to and about each other, and I also will be respectful in my interactions with you.



If I make a change to my privacy policy, it will be posted here without notice.



If you don't agree with my privacy policy, you may choose to exercise your right not to access this site. This is totally okay with me. And you're welcome back anytime if you change your mind.



If you have questions about anything included in my privacy policy, please feel free to contact me so that I can clarify further!

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