The Family Mediation Roadmap: a simple guide for separating parents

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

This has been a lot of years in the making, and I'm so excited to share it with you first, because you're part of this community - so you're part of the journey that has brought me here! I really believe that we're in each other's worlds because we care about relationships, and we value family, and we want our lives to reflect that.

That's why this book is a bit special to me.

Because it's all about putting what I have in the hands of parents, who will take it, and use it to build relationship and create connection through family mediation.

I wrote this book because too often parents walk into mediation with only a basic idea of what they're about to do and what's expected of them ...

And they walk out confused and disappointed ...

And it's really hit-or-miss whether they have any kind of agreement in hand.

And it's not even their fault.

As a mediator, even though you want to, there is never enough time to walk your client through the details, or help them do the difficult work of preparing - emotionally and practically - for their mediation. You focus on their safety, you give them the basic necessities of the process, and you hope that they have some innate sensibility that will guide them to success.

The truth is, it's a complex and nuanced process.

And most people do need more than just a hint to get to that elusive Parenting Agreement.

As a separating parent, you are working so hard - you're trying to sort out your finances, and help your children adjust to their new life, and work through a whole lot of big emotions ... you can't afford to be spending all your time talking to lawyers and psychologists, asking all your friends, searching the internet well into the night, trying to make sense of this mediation thing.

I know.

You just want someone to explain to you:

  • What is going to happen, when?

  • What am I expected to know before I arrive?

  • What could our finished agreement look like?

  • What are my options?

  • And what can I do to be as prepared as possible for my mediation session?

If you're feeling like your future, and the futures of the precious little lives you hold dear, are resting in your ability to make the most of your mediation opportunity ...

If you are committed to making the best decisions you can ...

If you have that sense that it's too important to wing it ...

I wrote The Family Mediation Roadmap for you.

Here is where you can find exactly what's in my new ebook:

The Family Mediation Roadmap EBOOK

Or, go ahead and click the link below to purchase it right now --

So much of my heart in this book - I hope you feel the love xx

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