a group coaching experience for separated parents

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DATE Saturday 22nd February, 2020
TIME 1.30pm to 3.00pm
LOCATION Cove Civic Centre
Ragamuffin Drive, Hallett Cove

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Whether you're recently separated and struggling to navigate the daunting world of Parenting Plans, Mediation, Co-Parenting, or you're returning to Family Mediation with hopes for a more consistent, respectful and child-focused parenting arrangement - Ready To Mediate was made for you.

In this 1.5 hour group coaching experience, you will work through six exercises to help you prepare for your up-coming Family Mediation session.

The workshop is designed to provide empathy, support and community to separating parents, as well as a safe space for feedback on the ideas you plan to bring to your Mediation.

At the end of the workshop, you will be ready to:

  • connect your decision-making to your children's needs

  • present your opening statement

  • list and discuss your agenda items

  • contribute a number of workable options + solutions, as well as discuss the merits of each one

  • explain your non-negotiables (and compromise!)

  • understand the type of agreement you need, and why

  • conflict-proof your Parenting Plan with my step-by-step system, AND,

  • ask the right questions of your mediator so you know exactly what to expect on the day.

Speak Sweetly Coaching produces this go-to resource for separating parents who want to make value-centred, child-focused, conflict-proof agreements.

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*Places are limited to 10 per workshop to give participants ample time for personal feedback.

What you'll get

Workshops include:
  • 1 x 1.5hr group coaching experience

  • Ready To Mediate Workbook - a place to record your coaching moments and reference for your Mediation notes

  • Parenting Plan Topic List - a 3 page list of all the most common Parenting Plan and Mediation Topics, all lined up for you and ready to go!

  • Discount coupons for up to 25% off your next Speak Sweetly purchase

About Your Coach

I'm Shona! Mediator and Conflict Coach, Wife, Mumma and Founder of speaksweetly.com.


You probably already know what I do ... mediation, conflict coaching, Parenting Plans, that kind of thing ... but you probably didn't know that this is not the direction I wanted to be headed in, and this is not what I started out to do at all.


When I finished my undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science (waaay back in 2005) and signed up for Post-Grad studies in Conflict Management, I honestly thought I was going to be convincing people to keep their marriages together ... in my first years as a mediator, I also tried focusing on minimising their conflict, and getting them to do all the things I thought they should do - like I knew best, right?

But, in 2011, everything changed.

Grace and perspective came in the form of my first little bubba, Miss Z.

Being a mumma gave me a new understanding of the ache of a parent to be with their child, and the pain of making living arrangements that meant they were separated from each other ...

... but, more than that, all my years of studying "the theory of Child Development" took on a life of it's own. I watched my own baby grow and develop and I started to view things like "attachment" through her eyes. It wasn't theory anymore, it was a beautiful, innocent, vulnerable little person, needing love and security and the freedom to be a child.

It was a deep shift in my values. I started to understand that, instead of trying to convince my clients to be "amicable" towards their ex-partner, the key to change was to bring to the surface the heart-centred values of a loving parent.

I started to connect with other parents differently, and learn from their stories as well. And I gained an adoration for little people that I had never experienced before ... I could communicate with them in a different way, understand their little hearts better, advocate for their needs with a new determination.

At the same time, my heart was being broken for the little ones whose parents were struggling to see their children's needs, in the middle of their own grief ... the parents who so loved their children, but were so overwhelmed with their own feelings that their children were left fending for themselves, sometimes stranded on an ice-bridge between two parents throwing fireballs.

My purpose was evolving every day, and as I focused on their best hopes as parents,






When I trained in Conflict Coaching in 2012, it was another piece of this puzzle - another way to help my clients explore their values, needs and identities, and finally understand the power that they had in their own hands to create change in their Co-Parenting relationships.


They could create new communication patterns and make arrangements that meant that their little ones no longer had to pass messages, or feel like they're not allowed to be close to their other parent, or be stuck in the middle of a parenting war.


  • To help you connect, as a parent, to your values, and your hopes for your children and their lives, as well as ...

  • To design simple systems and strategies that you can implement to prepare for mediation and ...

  • To guide you through how to make a Conflict-Proof Parenting Plan so that your 'Peaceful Co-Parenting' dreams can come true!

Today, my training informs me, and my connection with my own children (and my own values and hopes, too!) guides me ... so that's why I'm all about heart-centred, values-driven, child-focused mediation and Co-Parenting.

Do you feel the same, precious one?

Is it time for you to stop feeling like a Solo Parent, and start living the calm and supportive Co-Parenting life? Click through to the booking form and let's connect!

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a group coaching experience for
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