For Parents

I developed this list of 19 helpful ways to connect with your children because I wanted to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with my own little ones.

I hope it will help you, as a parent, to go beyond the grunts and the mono-syllables, and find greater connection every day.




Talking about difficult topics, and talking with difficult people, is a part of life - but it can be especially frequent and tricky when there are parenting issues and children involved.

As you move through this collection of thoughtful prompts, you will find new ways of exploring your own value, needs, and motives, as you prepare for your own difficult conversation.

This workbook is a space to record what you want to say, and a process to understand why, how, when, and where you want to say it.

Mediation + Parenting Plan


This helpful resource breaks down into manageable steps the big pre-mediation To-Do List that all separating parents are trying to juggle in their heads.

With individual sections for "1 month prior to mediation", "1 week prior to mediation" and "On the day", this list is just the stress-reliever you were looking for!

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