By Shona Tostevin

If you've never been to a Mediation before, it can be a daunting prospect. You probably don't know what to expect, so your preparation is anxious guesswork, and getting to a working Parenting Agreement feels impossible.


Not only will this book give you a complete picture of everything you can expect to encounter during a Family Mediation, it will also walk you through your preparation for decision-making.


The thoughtful, detailed strategies you will find in The Family Mediation Roadmap are the product of my 14 years as a Family Mediator and Conflict Coach, hundreds of mediations, and my work with thousands of families in conflict - helping them to move from bitter, daily Ex-Partner battles, to cooperative, child-focused Co-Parenting.


This is the go-to resource for separating parents who want to make value-centred, child-focused, conflict-proof agreements.

What you'll get

Actionable exercises

You'll find 10 exercise sections that will guide you through your own preparation process.


The exercises are designed to help you:

  • Clarify your values and intentions

  • Focus on your children's needs

  • Write your opening statement

  • Create your agenda

  • Workshop your ideas, options + solutions

  • Understand your hopes, needs + non-negotiables

  • Discover what type of Agreement you need

  • Explore the possibility of Shared Care and Shared Parental Responsibility

  • Do the emotional prep before you mediate, and

  • Know when to seek further help.

An In-depth Explanation of the Process

You'll get a detailed walk-through of all of the common elements of a Mediation Session, all the way from the First Formalities to the Final Close.


I will explain what happens in each part of the mediation - and why.


And you will end up feeling more prepared and confident in your ability to mediate well, and hopeful about the possibility of a successful Family Mediation.

About the Author

Hey, I'm Shona! Mediator and Conflict Coach, Wife, Mumma and Founder of


Clients and colleagues have always commented that I'm a calming presence in the Mediation room. But it's not a personality thing, it's because I have a clear structure for this process and thousands of hours of Mediation experience to draw on.


Aren't you more relaxed when you know what's about to happen?


There is a detailed framework that has formed in my head over many years of helping families, who are struggling to work together, navigate the Mediation process, make child-focused Parenting Plans, and turn their conflict into peaceful Co-Parenting.


This is what I want to share with you in The Family Mediation Roadmap, so that you carry yourself confidently to the Mediation table, and make the best decisions for your family's future.

The Family Mediation Roadmap


Whether you're a parent in the middle of a relationship separation, looking for a comprehensive explanation of the Family Mediation process, or a Mediator who recognises the benefit of knowing where your session is going, The Family Mediation Roadmap is your go-to resource.


Now you can follow a simple, step-by-step guide - stop dreading the decision-making date - and turn your Co-parenting problems around with a working Parenting Plan.

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