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Mediator +

Conflict Coach

For a long time, I have been helping my clients to navigate conflict, relationship breakdown and the mediation process successfully. As a Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Conflict Coach, I love to guide people toward peaceful relationships and stable parenting arrangements where there has been brokenness and separation.

My *favourite* thing has been when someone - an especially devoted, curious, selfless, thoughtful, child-focused parent - asks for a little more of my time.

They want to go into mediation prepared, so that they can stay calm + confident, and make good decisions for their children. They are happy to spend time and energy working through the issues that cause on-going conflict, so that they can model healthy relationships to the little people who look to them.

We talk through all their ideas and options, and they are open to all the encouragement as well as challenges that I present to them. They come to me for support and guidance and trust me to lead them through some of the most difficult events in their lives, and together we get to make an investment in their family's future.

This is what I want to pour my energy into right now, and this is why "Speak Sweetly" has come into being : to offer conflict and mediation coaching for the ones who are working at decision-making on their own, the ones who just want to make the best plans for their family's future, and the ones who are dealing with difficult negotiations on a daily basis.


I'm so looking forward to working with you! xx


A degree in Cognitive Science (Psych),
A graduate diploma in Conflict Management,
Certificates in
Conflict Management Coaching and
Solution Focused Brief Therapy;
15 years in Conflict Management, including
10 years working with separating and divorcing parents
... have brought me here.

I help parents who are stuck in the middle of conflict, to make plans for the future.


I give support and guidance through the mediation process.


I can help you understand how you can meet your children's needs - and your own.


I provide information and education to help with improving communication and building trust.


I teach strategies for staying cool and calm during difficult conversations, and,


I'm here to talk through all the options and possibilities and scenarios that might be floating around in your head, so that you can find your way to a more peaceful co-parenting relationship.

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