Help for Co-Parents.

Create the settled, peaceful, child-focused

Co-Parenting life

you're dreaming of.

Hey! I'm Shona.

Mediator, coach, and lover of donuts.

I help separating and divorcing parents to

  • deal with conflict, and

  • prepare for mediation, so that they can ...

  • make great, heart-centred decisions for themselves and their children.

Are you determined to do this Co-Parenting thing well, but think that it can only happen if your Ex is on board?

Are you doing everything you can think of, but still can't seem to get off the frustrating Ex-Partner not-so-merry-go-round?

Have you seen those separated parents who manage to sit together at their kids' concert, and wondered how they avoided the Parenting Cold War?


Do you suspect that there's a better way to work together for your children (and for your own sanity), but you keep falling back into old patterns of mis-communication and mis-understanding?

Speak Sweetly Coaching is all about helping you identify the values, needs and goals behind your actions (and others'), empowering you with everything you need to know about family mediation, and supporting you in new, healthy ways of co-parenting through conflict.

Resources for Co-Parents

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“Shona is the most gentle and wise counsellor I've had the pleasure to talk to about things of the heart.”

— LO.

"My marriage breakdown has not been easy but Shona has always been there with an ear to listen! Wise beyond her years, practical, compassionate & understanding, her guidance & advice has helped me (& my children) through some of the darkest times!"

— LW

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